International Conference on Developments in eSystems Engineering

Developments of eSystems Engineering (DeSE) has been established in recognition of the escalating importance and relevance of electronic media, applications and devices in our everyday work, home and commercial environments. These systems have often arisen as solutions to domain specific problems, addressing areas of social science, business studies, engineering, auto, health studies,  computer science, communications, geo-systems and most other academic and vocational subject areas. Accordingly developments and innovations in e-systems engineering have appeared through sources appropriate to their subject area with little heed paid to the actual underlying science of engineering an e-system. Therefore, it is the intention of DeSE to provide the increasingly essential forum dedicated to discussing and reporting on developments in the field of e-systems engineering; including all relevant research and practical advancements.
The areas of interest will, by the nature of the subject, be very wide: The science behind e-systems engineering will be advanced through the integrated approach of specifically considering e-systems development with the added advantage of transferable experience and knowledge across all individual subject areas. As the technology advances and users become more familiar with e-systems the impact of these systems is likely to be felt in many areas:
  • In education there is vast scope for the introduction of advanced eLearning tools allowing students/pupils an improved level of independent learning.
  • E-systems are often based on or are required to exhibit some form of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI techniques based on paradigms such as neural nets or expert systems will thus be relevant to and impact upon research into e-systems development.
  • In eBusiness there is already a significant uptake of eSystems by eCommerce websites, which can only increase in future years with developments in ePayment systems and newly developed models of commerce. Issues of trust, security and database design are typically studied within this area.
  • eServices are becoming an important part of Web based computing with Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) and Software as a Service (SaS) seen as the future of computing.
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Applied Computing in Medicine and Health Book Cover
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