DeSE 2015

Technically Sponsored by IEEE


Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE

Developments in eSystems Engineering

12th – 15th December 2015 


Thank you for all the submissions. Reviews are currently underway!

Recent years have witnessed increasing interest and development in computerised systems and procedures, which exploit the electronic media in order to offer effective and sophisticated solutions to a wide range of real-world applications. Innovation and research development in this rapidly evolving area of eSystems has typically been reported on as part of cognate fields such as, for example: Information and Communications Technology, Computer Science, Systems Science, Social Science and engineering. This conference,on the developments in eSystems Engineering will act as a platform for disseminating and discussing new research findings and ideas in this emerging field.

Papers are invited on all aspects of eSystem Engineering, modelling and applications, to be presented at a three day conference in Dubai, UAE. Authors will have their submissions reviewed by international experts and accepted papers will appear in the conference proceedings published by the Conference Publication Services (CPS) for worldwide presence. The event provides authors with an outstanding opportunity for networking and presenting their work at an international conference. The location offers an especially attractive opportunity for professional discussion, socialising and sightseeing.

Suggested topics include but not limited to: eSystems Design and Modelling, eLearning, eSystems and AI, eBusiness and Management, eGovernment systems, development and evaluation, eHealth and eMedicine, eScience and Technology, eEntertainment and Creative Technologies, eSecurity and eForensics, eBuilt Environment, system usability, human factors, reliability issues and eSystem Evaluation.

We are proud to announce that the Applied Computing in Medicine and Health, 1st Edition is available to pre-order via the Elsevier Store from the link below.

“On success and closing for the 9th International Conference on the Developments in eSystems Engineering we would like to thank all participants and attendees of the conference for their contribution to the field of Computer Science and Engineering.
This years’ conference attracted submissions from over 15 different countries, resulting in 85 papers overall. 54 papers have been published in this years proceedings which can be accessed via IEEE Digital Xplore. A submission rate of 66%”
Applied Computing in Medicine and Health Book Cover The authors of the book chapters are international researchers based in the UK and abroad from both academia and practitioners from medical institutions. The book can be used as teaching materials for undergraduate and postgraduate degree students, for students studying for a Computer Science Degree, Software Engineering and Health Informatics related subjects. Additionally, researchers can use the book as reference for their research and development in the field of AI and Health.


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