Dese 2008 Conference

Developments in eSystems Engineering

15th – 17th December 2008

A new concept in conference organisation: Participate “either” remotely over the Internet or at the event location

Recent years have witnessed increasing interest and development in computerised systems and procedures, which exploit the electronic media in order to offer effective and sophisticated solutions to a wide range of real-world applications. Innovation and research development in this rapidly evolving area of e-Systems has typically been reported on as part of cognate fields such as, for example: Information and Communications Technology, Computer Science, Systems Science, Social Science and engineering. Such research is disseminated through a wide spread range of relatively narrowly focussed research publications. For the first time, through this conference, developments in e-systems engineering can be shared across all fields of application.

Be there or be somewhere else…..

Wherever you are, you can participate fully in DESE 2008. This unique conference experience is taking place both in a regular traditional conference format and as a fully interactive online event. The presenters of accepted papers can choose whether to present their paper live at the conference venue or broadcast their contribution from a remote computer terminal. Likewise attendance at the conference can be as a “real life” in-person delegate or virtually; viewing and participating interactively in the conference, across the Internet. The conference organisation will make available the latest web-conferencing tools; allowing all authors to present their work as PowerPoint slides, with live streaming of audio and video content, in real time over the Internet.

The conference will consist of technical presentations that have been selected following a rigorous peer-review process. Attendees at the conference venue will watch and participate, as normal, in the live presentations taking place at the event, whilst interactive rooms will be available for viewing and participating in the remotely delivered presentations. Meanwhile those attending the conference online will be able to view and participate in all the presentations, whether delivered at the venue or over the Internet, interactively through their own computer terminal.

Whichever way you choose to attend or participate in the conference all the conference resources and presentations will be available for you, as a valuable record and reference, after the conference has finished.

The conference will also be accessible offline. It is essential that at least one of the authors of each accepted paper presents their work, as a web cast in real time, at the conference. However all registrants, even those who cannot attend the live event, will still be able to access an archive of the entire conference for viewing at any time. The full proceedings will be available both as a DVD, including the delivered presentations, and as a more traditional book publication.