Special Session: Machine learning and neuroscience applied to real world learning and self-development

Special Session Chairs:

Prof. Aydar Kalimullin –  Kazan Federal University, Russia 

Prof. Jamila Mustafina – Kazan Federal University, Russia

Nick Rushby – Editor in Chief (Education and Self Development), UK

There is a real possibility that, in the next three years, machine learning, artificial intelligence and neuroscience, will emerge from the research laboratory and provide the foundation to real learning support in education and self development.  This track will focus on advances with proven applications and proven benefits in the field.

Papers from DeSE2017 will be invited to submit papers to the following International Journal:

The Journal of Education and Self Development

“Education and Self-Development” is a peer-reviewed journal established in June 2006, published by Kazan Federal University and founded by Valentin Andreeev, member of the Russian Academy of Education, DSci, Professor at KFU. It is published quarterly. The Journal publishes contribution in both Russian and English. All contributions have titles, keywords and abstracts in both languages.



Nick Rushby, Co-Editor in Chief, Education and Self Development
Chantry Cottage,  The Green, Otford,  Kent  TN14 5PD  UK
Email: nick.rushby@conation-technologies.co.uk