AI for Everything

This special session is organised and supported by Brunel University,  United Kingdom.

Session Chair:

Session Committee:

  • Dr. Haider Qays Saeed Al-Shammari ,  Global Tek, Iraq


    Dr. Omar Z. Akif, Baghdad University, Iraq

  • Yousif Al-Dunainawi, AlShaab University, Iraq

  • Halah Mohammed Hussein Al-Kadhim, Ministry of Education, Iraq.

  • Prof. Dr. Nadia Adnan Shiltagh, Baghdad University, Iraq

  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Bilal Rasheed, Computer Engineering Department, Iraq

    College of Engineering / Al-Iraqia University, Iraq.

  • Seyed Mustafa, Brunel University London. UK


This panel will discuss different applications using AI, such as:

  • The Enhancement of Cyber Security Through the Utilisation of Artificial Intelligence Techniques.
  • IoT and Intelligent Applications for a Hybrid Working World.
  • Ultra-Smart traffic Flow Control Using AI in Cloud Based IoT.
  • AI Technologies for Education: Recent Applications.
  • Artificial Intelligence, a Contemporary Approach.
  • Renewable Energy using AI.