DeSE Series Committees

Founding & Conference Series General Chairs

The general Series chairs are reasonable  of making all final decisions regarding the conference (in collaboration with the local conference chair/s), including how roles and responsibilities are divided. They’re often responsible for selecting where the conference is held and other important responsibilities:

  • Prof. Dhiya Al-Jumeily OBE, United Kingdom
  • Prof. Hissam Tawfik, United Arab Emirates & United Kingdom
  • Prof. Abir Hussain, United Kingdom & United Arab Emirates
  • Prof. Atulya Nagar, United Kingdom

DeSE Series International Collaboration Chair

The steering committee international collaboration chair  is responsible for the overall organization and financial planning of the conference.

  • Prof. Jamila Mustafina, Russia 

DeSE General Local Chairs 

  • DeSE2021 – Sharjah , UAE 

           Professor Maamar Bettayeb, UK

  • DeSE2020 – China (Online)

           Professor Albert Zomaya, Australia 

  • DeSE2019 – Kazan, Russia 

           Professor Raj Ranjan, UK

  • DeSE2018 – Cambridge, UK

        Professor Rajkumar Buyya, Australia

  • DeSE2017 – Paris, France

        Professor Zakaria Maamar, UAE

  • DeSE2016 – Liverpool and Leeds, UK 

        Professor Nizar Bouguila, Canada 

  • DeSE2015 -Dubai, UAE

        Professor Atulya Nagar, UK

  • DeSE2014 -Paphos, Cyprus

        Professor George A. Papadopoulos, Cyprus

  • DeSE2013 -Abu Dhabi, UAE

        Professor Peter Wellstead, UK 

  • DeSE2012 – Bucharest, Romania 

        Professor Roxana Radvan, Romania  

  • DeSE2011 – Dubai, UAE 

      Professor Abdullah M Alshamsi, UAE

  • DeSE2010 – London, UK 

      Professor Panos Liatsis, UK

  • DeSE2009 – Abu Dhabi, UAE 

      Professor Paulo Lisboa, UK

  • DeSE2008 – Liverpool, UK 

      Professor Rafid AlKhaddar, UK


DeSE Local General Chairs/Co-Chairs 

  • DeSE2020 – China (Online)

        Professor Ai Qingsong, Wuhan University of Technology, China

DeSE2019 – Kazan, Russia

        Professor Evgeni Magid, Russia

DeSE2018 Cambridge, UK 

        Dr. Majeed Soufian, UK

DeSE2017 – Paris, France 

        Prof. Hani Hamdan, Paris, France

  • DeSE2016 – Liverpool and Leeds, UK 

        Dr. Tom Dawson, UK

  • DeSE2015 -Dubai, UAE

        Professor Esa Baskiti Bastaki, UAE

  • DeSE2014 -Paphos, Cyprus

        Dr. Naeem Radi, UAE

  • DeSE2013 -Abu Dhabi, UAE

        Professor Diane Meehan, UK

  • DeSE2012 – Bucharest, Romania 

        Professor V. E. Gueorguiev, Bulgaria

  • DeSE2011 – Dubai, UAE 

      Professor Madjid Merabti, UK

  • DeSE2010 – London, UK 

      Professor Dhiya Al-Jumeily, UK

  • DeSE2009 – Abu Dhabi, UAE 

      Professor Khaled Shaalan, Egypt

  • DeSE2008 – Liverpool, UK

      Professor  Abdennour El Rhalibi, UK

DeSE Technical Program Chairs/Co-Chairs 

  • DeSE2020 – China (Online)

        Professor Sergio Toral Marin, University of Sevilla, Spain

  • DeSE2019 – Kazan, Russia 

        Prof. Michael Sheng, Australia
        Dr. Thar Baker, UAE

  • DeSE2018 Cambridge, UK 

        Prof De-Shuang Huang, China

DeSE2017 – Paris, France 

        Prof. Laurence T. Young, Canada

DeSE2016 – Liverpool and Leeds, UK 

        Prof. Panos liatsis, UAE

DeSE2015 -Dubai, UAE

        Professor Yannis Goulermas, UK

DeSE2014 – Paphos, Cyprus

        Professor Abir Hussain, UK

DeSE2013 – Abu Dhabi, UAE

        Dr. Naeem Radi, UAE

DeSE2012 – Bucharest, Romania 

        Professor Hissam Tawfik, UK

DeSE2011 – Dubai, UAE 

      Dr. Saad Ali Amin,  UAE

DeSE2010 – London, UK 

      Professor Duc Pham, UK

DeSE2009 – Abu Dhabi, UAE 

      Professor Ahmed Al-Shamma’a, UK

DeSE2008 – Liverpool, UK

      Professor Terrence Ferando, UK

Publicity Chair

  • Dr. Martin Randles, UK

    Graphics Designer

Mrs Asma Al-Kamaley, UK

Dr. Stephen Tang, UK

Web Designer 

Mr. David Folksman, UK
Mr. Dan Williams, Australia.

Technical Support Officer 

Mr. Abdulbaset Abdulsamad Molhi, UK

Prospective authors are invited to submit full-length papers (not exceeding 6 pages) conform to the IEEE format . All papers will be handled and processed electronically via the EDAS online submission system.

Submission implies the willingness of at least one of the authors to register and present their papers.

Registration is through EDAS Conference Management Systems. The deadline for paper registration is shown below (under Important Deadlines section). Please register and pay by following these steps:

  1. Log on to EDAS
  2. Click on the Register tab
  3. Click on the Register for Conference icon against DeSE2019 (under the column Register Self – for sel register, or the column Register Others – to register another attendee)
  4. Click on the Register icon for the category of event that applies to you.
  5. Click on Pay
  6. Enter your payment details
  7. Click on Pay for Registration
  8. For signing the copyright and uploading the final version of the paper into IEEE server, please follow the following Guidelines

To register an additional paper there is also an option for this, so ensure to choose all relevant selections.

Academic Registration  $450
 Student Registration 
The discount is eligible only if a student (Bachelor, Master, PhD) is a first author of a paper and will be presenting the paper at the conference. The discount could be used for the student registration and does not apply for additional papers.
Student Registration* (evidence required)
Registration for Multiple Papers Presented by the same Author (a maximum of 1 extra paper allowed) $150
 Extra Page Fee  $30
General Public, Listeners (participation without paper submission):   – Academia – Other participants  $100

For any queries, please contact:

Prof Jamila Mustafina:

Miss Tara McKeown: