Invited Talks

Using Interactive Data Visualisation to simplify and inform research and analytics

Abstract: Drawing on examples from health and wellbeing, genetic and cardiac research, this talk will discuss the design of data visualisation tools to explore areas of research, highlight trends and discover anomalies, enabling the user to draw meaningful conclusions and inform on useful directions for future research.


Dr Laura Gilbert is CITO of Rescon Technologies, where she performs research and analytics for scientific projects, and leads a team of developers in building health and wellbeing related platforms. Laura holds a doctorate in Particle Physics from the University of Oxford, and a bachelors and master’s degree in Physics from the University of Cambridge. She has worked as an academic researcher in Particle Physics, an analyst for the Ministry of Defence, and in a number of financial institutions as a quantitative analyst. She loves nothing better than a large dataset and a puzzle that needs solving, and is passionate about communicating the meaning behind statistics.


Software design and consumer technology to connect patients, providers and payers at scale 

Abstract: Using the example of a collaborative consumption marketplace where patients book and buy healthcare services, this talk will examine the challenges of designing software that is simple and engaging for as wide a range of patients as possible, yet powerful enough to create opportunities for providers and address barriers to achieving scale. Issues addressed will include accessibility, interoperability, safeguarding and digital inclusion.


Andrew Michaelson, Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer of Care Innovation (Nationwide) Limited, has designed healthcare IT systems in the UK and USA. As CTO of California-based Sphere Health Systems, he developed Hospital Information Systems for community and rural general hospitals, mental health and long term care providers. At Tunstall Healthcare, Andrew led on Telehealth interoperability and has since designed the Personal Health Record (PHR) and Marketplace platform for NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group.


Harnessing history at source, an IT approach – from concept to implementation

Abstract: In this talk the creation of a new technology to digitally capture patient history will be presented. The science behind the conept will be introduced, as will the steps that were taken to implement the technology. Issues such as workflow integration and usability will be discussed along with wider implications for IT design and development

Tim Dawson D.Phil Picture

Dr. Tom Dawson D.Phil (Oxon), MB.ChB, B.Med.Sci, DSportsMed is a human performance technologies specialist who comes from a clinical and academic background. He was the director of The Science and Medicine of Athletic Performance at the University of Oxford until 2009 and has held a variety of clinical posts, mainly in Sports Medicine. In 2011 Dr Dawson founded Rescon, and has since been working with the team on developing evalutaion technologies including ICT and wearable products. He will present the four-year journey from concept to market release of a novel ICT product Lincus.