Special Session: eRobotics and Virtual Reality

Robotics and automation applications are complex, require hardware prototypes, and thus are usually a costly endeavor. The research field of eRobotics has been established recently in order to cope with the inherent complexity, to facilitate the development, and to significantly cut down the cost of advanced robotics and mechatronics development. The objective is to effectively use electronic media – hence the “e” at the beginning of the term – to achieve the best possible advancements in the development of the robots’ respective fields of use. The overall aim of developments in eRobotics is to provide a comprehensive software environment to get ready for next generation robotic applications.

Closely related to eRobotics are developments in the fields of virtual and augmented reality because it is these technologies that lay the basis for many advanced eRobotics applications. The special session tries to bring together researchers in the fields of robotics, mechatronics, automation, 3D simulation and virtual and augmented reality to inspire each other with new ideas and application cases. Fields of application will include but are not limited to space robotics (planetary explorers, rovers, servicing satellites, the International Space Station), industrial automation, field robotics as well as new concepts for man-machine interaction based on VR and AR.