Track 1: eLearning (Technology-Enhanced Learning)


Topics of particular interest include (but not limited to) the followings:

  • eLearning technologies, portals and tools
  • eLearning strategies, methodologies and standards
  • On demand eLearning and mobile learning
  • eAssessment and Plagiarism detection
  • Online education: eColleges and eUniversities
  • Advanced eLearning systems and technologies
  • Authoring tools for eLearning
  • Human Factors and eLearning
  • Case studies for eLearning and novel applications
  • Intelligent collaborative eLearning Systems
  • Intelligent tutoring and eLearning envrionments
  • eLearning and Social Networking
  • eLearning and Virtual Worlds
  • Intelliigent eSystems: Technologies and Applications