Track 5: eScience and Technology


eEngineering is concerned with providing innovative and sophisticated Systems and Engineeringsolutions to a diverse range of problems arising in Science, Business and Industry.

eEngineering exploits state of the art technologies such as Grid Computing, Embedded Systems, Intelligent Systems paradigms, to support knowledge, collaboration, cost-effectiveness and creativity; and find applications in areas such as eWork, Simulation and Prototyping, Planning and Management, and Communications and Control.

The past decade has witnessed a revolution in terms of technological advancements and convergence of relevant areas in Grid Computing and e-Science, Mobile and Embedded Systems, Distributed and Collaborative Environments, Knowledge Engineering and Computational Intelligence.

The aim of this symposium is to bring together and disseminate emerging trends, concepts, and research in the technologies, applications, as well as opportunities, and challenges surrounding the theme of eEngineering. As this is a rapidly developing area, we are looking for both theorectical and applied research articles which contribute to the developments in this field.


Topics of particular interest include (but not limite to) the followings:

  • eScience and grid based system infrastucture.
  • eControl systems.
  • eWorkspaces, Collaborative Work and Design.
  • Distributed intelligence and Knowledge grid.
  • Emerging eEngineering applications such as in Bio-sciences, Social sciences, and Astrophysics.