Soft and Wearable Robotics

This special session is organised and supported by University of Salford (Autonomous Systems and Advanced Robotics Research Centre)

Session Chair:

  • Dr Majeed Soufian (Associate Professor), UK

Session Co-Chair:

  • Dr Mae Irshaidat,  UK

Session Committee:

  • Dr Majeed Soufian, UK
  • Dr Mae Irshaidat, UK
  • Prof. Hani Hamdan, France
  • Dr Khosrow Bagherpour, DTU, Denmark


Soft and Wearable robotics are novel approaches to robotics that investigates unconventional elastic materials taking advantage of the intrinsic dynamics of deformable materials to enhance flexibility and controllability. This relatively new technology has the potential to revolutionise the robotics field as it provides many benefits including low cost, light weight, intrinsic safety and the ability to deform to objects and obstacles with applications in various fields such as wearable robotics and to augment human movements in disable and elderly people or enhancing workforce mobility.


This special session invites authors to submit high-quality research papers on the topics which include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Wearable sensors
  • Sensing/Contact modelling for soft robots
  • Graphene in Soft and wearable robotics
  • Biosignals processing;
  • Embodied Intelligence
  • Cognitive/physical interaction paradigms
  • Computer Vision for Soft Robotics
  • Deep Learning in Soft Robotics
  • Stiffness modulation
  • Industrial Soft Robots
  • Marine Robotics
  • Generation of high forces
  • Reconfiguration and morphing abilities
  • Morphological Computation
  • Robotic manipulation
  • Hybrid soft-hard robots
  • Rehabilitation Robotics
  • Prosthetics and Exoskeletons
  • Medical applications
  • Ethical, Legal and Social Issues

Paper Submission:

Prospective authors are invited to submit full-length papers (not exceeding 6 pages) conform to the IEEE format . All papers will be handled and processed electronically via the EDAS online submission system.

Submission implies the willingness of at least one of the authors to register and present their papers.