Tracks and Special Sessions


The focus theme of DeSE 2019 is Robotics, Sensors and Industry 4.0, to introduce this theme we have provided a list of topics that comprise an exciting spectrum of highly stimulating tracks:
  • Advanced Robotics
  • Sensors, Sensors Applications and Sensors Platforms
  • Internet of Everything and its Applications
  • Advances in Applications of AI
  • Biomedical Intelligence & Clinical Data Analysis
  • Bio-informatics, Health Informatics, and Bio-Computing
  • Computational intelligence
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Data Mining, Machine Learning and Expert Systems
  • Genetic Algorithms
  • Image Processing and Medical Imaging
  • Novel Data Processing and Analytics, Tools and Systems
  • Big Data Systems, Mining and Management, Tools and Applications
  • Machine Learning, Web-based Decision Making
  • Big Data Algorithms
  • Deep Learning Methods and Techniques
  • General Session: eSystems Engineering

DeSE2019 is pleased to announce the following provisionally accepted special sessions from our research partners:

Session 1: Big Data Analytics in Critical Systems (BDA-CS)
Session 2: Digitising education
Session 3: Applied Computing for Industry: Innovation and Technology
Session 4: Education 4.0 and Industry 4.0
Session 5: IoT, AI and Industry 4.0: Security and Privacy Challenges
Session 6: Digital Media: Augmented ad Virtual Reality
Session 7: Wireless Sensor Networks for Industry 4.0
Session 8: Connected and Autonomous Electric Vehicles in Smart City
Session 9: Social Robotics
Session 10: Blockchain applications to IoT-driven Industry 4.0
Session 11: Emerging Trends in Internet of Things Technologies
Session 12: AI Integration and Security
Session 13: Nanosensors & Advanced Material
Session 14: Construction 4.0: Visual data provisioning and distribution
Session 15: Intelligent Agricultural Robots
Session 16: Logistics And Transport In The Industry 4.0
Session 17: Intelligent Control of Industrial Applications
Session 18: Emerging Trends in Data Science Theory and Multidisciplinary Applications
Session 19: Neuromorphic Computing
Session 20: Service Robotics
Session 21: Robotics and information systems for disaster management
Session 22: Immersive Interactive Technologies 
Session 23: Engineering and Environmental Sciences
Session 24: Monitoring, Assessment, and Strengthening of Buildings and Bridges
Session 25: MEMS/NEMS developments and applications
Session 26: Human Machine Interaction 
Session 27: Sustainable Engineering & Technology 
Session 28: Ultra wide band communication With Robotics & Sensors 
Session 29:  Intelligent and Innovative Data Science Methodology to Support Real-World Applications 
Session 30:  Soft and Wearable Robotics 
Session 31:  Smart Living 
Session 32:  Connected, Autonomous and Green Vehicles
Session 33:  Bioinformatics 

DeSE2019 is also pleased to announce the following workshops from our International Research Partners:

Workshop 1: In-Depth Analysis of Data Science with KNIME Platform
Workshop 2: Mobile Robotics with TRIK Platform
Workshop 3: Autonomous Navigation for Quadcopter Type UAVs