Mobile Robotics with TRIK Platform

This workshop is organised and supported by CyberTech

Workshop Chair:

  • Luchin Roman, CyberTech, SPbU, Saint-Petersburg, Russia


Workshop Committee/Co-chair:

  • Shirokolobov Ilya, CyberTech, SPbU, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

TRIK robotics kit is designed for education through creative work and provides all necessary equipment for creating the first ever robot as well as for developing the advanced system that can hear, see, speak and interact with other robots.  The kit includes a cutting-edge robotics controller TRIK, motors, sensors, metal constructor, fasteners and wheels. In this workshop session, major steps in multiagent project with mobile robots using the TRIK platform will be covered, from odometry, search optimal track to up to group tasks. The equipment will be provided by the organizers. The workshop will be followed by a competition of participating teams.

 Workshop Outline:

  • Introduction to multiagent robotics system
  • Introduction to TRIK robotics platform
  • Odometry
  • Navigation
  • Video processing
  • Practical application

Target Audience:

Graduate students, postdocs, and research scholars considering careers in robotics, Robotics Science Enthusiasts. The participants will form up to 10 teams, 2 to 5 people in each team.

Preliminary Schedule:

8/10/2019, (10:30-11:15) – Installation and equipment preparation

8/10/2019, (14:00-18:30) – Workshop educational lectures

9/10/2019, (9:00-13:15) – Practical training and preparation of teams for competitions

9/10/2019, (14:30-17:30) – Competitions of the teams of participants