Invited Speakers

“Connected Health Cities” – Learning Health Systems for the Northern Powerhouse

Presented by: Prof. Dennis F. Kehoe, CEO AIMES

Professor Dennis F. Kehoe is the Chief Executive Officer of AIMES Grid Services Ltd, an award-winning Cloud Services Provider based in Liverpool, where he was previously the Saxby Professor and Royal Academy of Engineering Research Professor at the University of Liverpool. He has specific interest in the creation of new high growth, high technology business emanating from cloud computing and is a non executive director of a number of technology start-up and spin-out business created from the AIMES Centre at the University and was formerly a director of the North Liverpool Academy Trust and Chairman of the Board of Aerogistics Holdings Ltd.
He is currently Chairman of Opticare Ltd and Chairman of Containerport Ltd and has led a number of major research and development projects funded by the UK Government and the EU. Professor Kehoe is the Deputy Chair of the Data Centre Alliance, a professional association comprising of industry leaders from across the Data Centre industry.
AIMES have led successful Innovate UK funded projects including the Fibrenet Network Services Demonstrator (value : £1M, 2011-2012) the GRAND project Niche examining new cloud infrastructure (value : £0.6M, 2011-2012) and the DISE project examining digital collaboration (value : £0.6M, 2011-2012). AIMES is also the technical lead for the IoT demonstrator project i-MOVE (value : £0.8m, 2013-2014) and lead partner on the European Space Agency funded i-Port project (value : €0.4M 2011-2012). Projects funded in 2014 include the COMPOSE project (value : £1.6m, 2014-2016) developing cloud-based workflow for the VFX industry, the i-TRACS project (value £0.8m, 2014-2016) led by AIMES to create new digital services for the Rail industry, the VoyagOR project (value : £0.8m, 2014-2015) led by AIMES and examining cloud infrastructure for route optimisation in the Maritime sector and the MUSA project (£3m, 2015 – 2017) a H2020 funded project in Big Data applications.
Professor Kehoe holds a first class honours degree in engineering from Imperial College London and a PhD in Operations Research from the University of Liverpool.

Abstract: This presentation will describe the Connected Health Cities programme and outline how the development of a Learning Health System will use healthcare data sources to transform research into healthcare. The CHC programme has been funded by the UK government to develop new pathways in areas such as alcohol abuse, COPD and epilepsy based upon better use of data. This session will cover the development of “Data Arks” and supporting Cloud digital health infrastructure across the North of England, which will use health data from across the region to develop new care pathways and to support action-based research.