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Data for Global Research and Strategies

Sustained by the eSystem Engineering Society (eSES), this Data Bank provides datasets for research purposes enabling users to download and upload scientific datasets in different disciplines.

  • Download authentic and primary datasets in different disciplines for research purposes.
  • Discover repository of data and images for your upcoming research projects to promote scientific achievements and innovation.
  • Access multidisciplinary datasets in medicines and health, pharmaceutical, forensic, environment or education.
  • Connect research data to your publications to enhance research quality.
  • Collaborate with dataset owners for boosting research culture and stimulating cross-disciplinary research.

What is the Data Bank?

A Data Bank comprises a collection of datasets that are stored and organised systematically. These datasets can be accessed by users of different research disciplines for addressing specific research problems. Data Banks can have different types of data such as textual, numerical or visual data. They also enable understanding relationships between different sources of information.

Our Aims

Our aims are to maximise research impact to cross geographical boundaries enabling global research. The Data Bank will allow researchers, academics and practitioners with limited facilities and resources to access real-world data and benefit from research outcomes. This in turn ensures equitable and open access research that benefits communities and countries.

Our Contributors

Our contributors come from wide variety of disciplines and from all academic levels including students, practitioners, industrial experts and world-class researchers. They use eSES Data Bank to stay updated and collaborate on cutting-edge research projects.