Special Session: Big Data in e-Systems

Special Session Chairs: Dr William Hurst (W.Hurst@ljmu.ac.uk) and Dr Nathan Shone (N.Shone@ljmu.ac.uk)

As e-Systems develop and become more intelligent and adaptive, analysing their behaviour to detect security anomalies or predict future demands is becoming more challenging. It is now more common than ever to deal with extremely large datasets. The heterogeneity, volume and speed of data generation are increasing rapidly. Furthermore, securing such systems is a challenge. Adaptive systems must be employed and existing methods built upon to provide well-structured defence in depth. Despite the clear need to develop effective protection methods, the task is a difficult one, as there are significant weaknesses in the existing security currently in place. Consequently, this special session invites authors to submit high-quality papers on topics which include (but are not limited to):
• Critical Infrastructure Data Analytics
• Cyber Security
• Big Data Analytics
• Real Time Sensors
• Machine Learning
• Intrusion Detection
• Control Systems
• Cloud Computing
• Data Fusion
• Web Services