Call for Tutorials

The 11th international conference on Developments in eSystem Engineering invites the submission of tutorial proposals with a view to encourage in-depth discussion in research fields of current and hot topics in e-Systems Engineering. We are encouraging the submission of all topics related to the focus of DeSE, however tutorials which focus on the topic of “Data Science and Internet of Everything (IoE)” will take preference for acceptance.

Tutorial proposals should be submitted containing and adhering to the following requirements:

  1. Title of the proposed workshop
  2. Organisers and a short biography of each
  3. A brief description of the technical issues covered and the impact
  4. Outline of tutorial content
  5. A short description for promotion and publicity plan
  6. Any information about past versions of the workshop (submission rates, URL, number of attendees)

Deadline: 15th February 2018

Submission for tutorials proposals should be emailed in PDF format to the tutorial chair:

Jamila Mustafina ()