Tracks and Special Sessions


The focus theme of DeSE 2018 is Sensor, Data Science and Internet of Everything (IoE), to introduce this theme we have provided a list of topics that comprise an exciting spectrum of highly stimulating tracks:


Internet of Everything and its Applications
Advances in Applications of AI
Biomedical Intelligence & Clinical Data Analysis
Bio-informatics, Health Informatics, and Bio-Computing
Computational intelligence
Decision Support Systems
Data Mining, Machine Learning and Expert Systems
Genetic Algorithms
Image Processing and Medical Imaging
Novel Data Processing and Analytics, Tools and Systems
Big Data Systems, Mining and Management, Tools and Applications
Machine Learning, Web-based Decision Making
Big Data Algorithms
Deep Learning Methods and Techniques
General Session: eSystems Engineering


Special Sessions

Special Session 1: Sustainable Engineering and Environmental Technologies
Special Session 2: Predictive Analytics using Artificial Intelligence
Special Session 3: Learning Analytics in Education and Enterprise
Special Session 4: Drones and sensing platforms
Special Session 5: Environmental Conservation in the Middle East
Special Session 6: Advanced Robotics
Special Session 7: Big Data Analytics in Critical Systems (BDA-CS)


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