Track 3: eBusiness and Management

Track Chairs:

Prof. Hussain Al-Ahmad, Khalifa University,


eBusiness has become as prominent component of Internet traffic in recent years but there is much more to this field than the highly visible face of eRetail. Behind the scenes, organisations are interoperating and collaborating using open, standards-based systems and protocols to deliver value-add services. All of this takes place in a hostile and threat-ridden landscape where information security concerns are paramount.

The symposium will bring together system builders, system integrators, business leaders, practitioners, managers and technology experts in the field of e-business covering many diverse industry sectors.


Topics of particular interest include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Online payment systems
  • eRetailing and web design
  • eBusiness systems integration and standardisation
  • Techniques for B2B eCommerce
  • Electronic negotiation systems and protocols
  • Trust, security, and privacy in eCommerce and eBusiness
  • Databases and e-Commerce applications
  • Business-oriented and consumer-oriented eCommerce
  • Development of eBusiness and eBusiness applications
  • Marketing on the web: market portals, hubs, auctions
  • Organisational and management issues
  • Technical issues for eBusiness and solutions
  • eBusiness models and architectures
  • Applications of new technologies to eBusiness
  • Middleware technologies to support eBusiness
  • Human-computer interaction within enterprise information systems
  • eSystems Development Solutions
  • eSystems Analysis techniques
  • Development and implementation of personalised recommendation systems
  • Case studies and applications for eBusiness