Track 16: Environmental Technologies

Track Chair:

Professor Rafid Alkhaddar, Liverpool John Moores University


The Environmental Technologies theme aims to address the current challenges facing the Built Environment in the Middle East and beyond. In the past 15 Years, the Gulf States and the Middle East, at large, have witnessed unprecedented growth in infrastructure and real estate which have had a significant impact not only on the economic growth and well being of people but also on the environment. This Theme will provide an opportunity for professionals and researchers to learn, share and exchange the latest developments and research in all aspects of the Built Environment, i.e. Architectural, Civil Engineering, Construction and Environmental changes. The theme will have a specific focus on utilizing advanced technologies in improving the performance of the industry, reducing the impact on the environment and maximizing learning and education in this field.

The theme welcomes research papers on any of the following:


  • Energy Efficient buildings
  • Self-sustained buildings
  • Energy Monitoring in Buildings
  • Carbon Footprint of Buildings
  • Building performance
  • The Use of Sensors in Building performance monitoring

Waste and water

  • Waste minimisation
  • Waste Reduction
  • Waste monitoring and separation
  • Waste pollution monitoring
  • Quality Monitoring using innovative technologies and sensors

Environmental Monitoring

  • Pollution monitoring
  • Climate Change monitoring
  • Computer Aided Design/Digital Aided Design
  • Innovation in education and training using e-learning platforms¬†