Track 2 : eSystems and AI

Track Chairs:


Prof. Wathiq Mansoor, American University in Dubai, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Track co-Chairs:



The aim of this symposium is to bring together researchers in the fields of Neural Networks and AI. The conference will address recent advances in theory, methodologies and applications.Nowadays artificial neural networks and AI are being applied to an increasing number of real world problems of considerable complexity. They offer ideal solutions to a variety of classification problems such as speech and signal recognition. Neural networks can be used in function prediction and system modelling, where the physical processes are highly complex. They may also be applied to control problems, where the input variables and measurements are used to drive an output actuator, and the neural network are used as a general structure for an adaptive nonlinear controller. The advantage of artificial neural networks lies in their capability of learning. They are often good at solving problems that are too complex using analytical solutions. Another application of neural networks is in the field of finance. They are powerful tools in currency price prediction and mortgage screening, as well as financial analysis.

The scientific program will include invited speakers and fully refereed contributions that will be published in the conference proceedings.

The conference is open to researchers from all regions of the world.


Topics of particular interest include (but not limited to) the followings:

  • Intelligent eLearning systems
  • Next generation systems: Intelligent applications and smart design
  • Intelligent agents in eLearning
  • Interactive eLearning technology
  • Intelligence and databases in eCommerce applications
  • Neural and hybrid architectures and learning algorithms.
  • Expert Systems
  • Real world applications.
  • Fuzzy Systems
  • Intelligent Communication systems
  • Intelligent Control
  • Intelligent Manufacturing
  • Knowledge Based Systems